September 27, 2023



A Mass Grave of Over 450 Bodies Was Uncovered In Poland, And Several of The Bodies Were Treated As If They Were Vampires

Bloodthirsty female vampire rises from the coffin on the night cemetery.


By Abby Connolly

September 12,2023

It may sound hard to believe, but this is something that actually happened this summer.

A lot of us love stories of vampires nowadays and find them very entertaining. However, it’s important to note that during ancient times, people walked the earth in fear, genuinely thinking that vampires were out there, ready to attack.

While work was being done on a road in Luzino, Poland, a mass grave of over 450 bodies was unearthed. Archaeologists believe several of the bodies were treated as if they were vampires and buried in a certain way so they wouldn’t become vampires.

Yes, that’s right. A vampire grave was discovered this summer.

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