January 28, 2023



Baby girl is born with an extremely rare five-inch tail that’s ‘covered in hair and skin’

3D scanning of a mutant woman body skeletal, skeletal and muscular systems with side view. A mutant girl, whose skeletal structure is examined, wags his tail. You can see the animation movie of this image from my iStock video portfolio. Video number: 1363221395

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Medical professionals have successfully removed the tail from the newborn baby girl – and the condition, named a ‘true tail’, is thought to be incredibly rare.

The baby was born via caesarean section at a rural hospital in north-eastern Mexico.

According to a case study entry in the Journal of Paediatric Surgery, “the child had no previous history of radiation exposure, or infections during pregnancy“, and she was born to “two healthy parents” in their late 20s.

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