June 24, 2024



Billionaire ex-Walmart exec says the first ‘settlers’ of his planned $400 billion city ‘Telosa’ will likely be selected through applications — and they could move in by 2030

Business Insider

October 18, 2021

If Marc Lore’s vision comes to fruition, 50,000 residents could be living in an egalitarian utopia by 2030. 

Lore, who stepped down as the CEO of Walmart’s US e-commerce division earlier this year, announced last month that he plans to build a futuristic city known as Telosa. Telosa — which gets its namefrom an ancient Greek word meaning “highest purpose” — plans to offer its citizens equal access to education, healthcare, and transportation. Residents would get around in autonomous vehicles, and the city would run on renewable energy, Telosa’s website promised. 

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