June 17, 2024



Build Back Better Billionaires

Zero Hedge

By Tyler Durden – October 26, 2021

By Michael Every of Rabobank

Before internet memes allowed for spontaneous sarcasm to go viral, work-based humor used to be based around coffee mugs and posters. The reigning king of these David Brent / Michael Scott media was: “You don’t have to be mad to work here – but it helps!

Yet what else is there to say of a day where a bankrupt meme trade US stock just a year ago was responsible for pushing the stock of another US firm – whose polarizing CEO is either the current Henry Ford or Barnum Bailey – up the equivalent value of an entire Ford company IN ONE DAY; and so taking its value into the “four commas” $1trn club mocked by ‘Silicon Valley’. Which, by the way, is still the most realistic program on TV, along with ‘Veep’.

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