June 24, 2024



Canada and Trudeau go full Orwell behind anti-speech bill: Fear the Maple CurtainBy

A Cracked And Fragile Canada Flag

New York Post


When it comes to Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s Orwellian Online Harms Act, tech titan Elon Musk gets it: “This sounds insane.”

Insane is putting it mildly; look at some of the law’s provisions.

-Rewarding people who snitch on their “hateful” neighbors up to $20,000 and making the thought criminals pay up to $50,000.

-Allowing the possibility of a literal life sentence for online hate crimes, including speech.

-Letting judges, based on snitch testimony, jail people for up to a year because someone thinks they might commit a hate crime.

The law would also empower the cops to comb through your old posts — including those made before the law even passed — and punish you.

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