March 25, 2023



Canada’s ‘Freedom Convoy’ truckers block key Montana crossing route for beef and farm equipment to protest Trudeau’s vaccine mandates

Daily Mail UK

‘Freedom Convoy’ truckers and protesters continued late Monday to block a border crossing into the US at a village in southern Alberta – one of the country’s busiest border crossings – in solidarity with their brethren in Ottawa who have shut down the nation’s capital.

Motorists traveling across the border between Montana and Alberta have been caught in blockade of vehicles that have essentially shut down the highway south of the city of Lethbridge, Alberta, 65 miles to the Canada-U.S. border crossing in the village of Coutts.

Despite being 2,000 miles away from Ottawa, the demonstration is related directly to what is happening in the Canadian capital where protests are running into a fourth day against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and COVID-19 vaccine mandates – which require unvaccinated truckers to get a PCR test and quarantine. 

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