March 2, 2024



Cult leader arrested for allegedly trying to control followers with homemade mercury-laced elixirs

New York Post

By Social Links forEmily Crane
Published Nov. 23, 2023, 4:12 p.m. ET

A cult leader leader who called himself by the name “Total Transcendence” has been arrested by Spanish police after he allegedly doped his followers with mind-numbing mercury-laced homemade elixirs.

José Manuel Cánovas, 50, was nabbed on Wednesday following a raid on his sprawling 24-acre compound — complete with clandestine laboratories — in the town of Murcia in south-east Spain, local media reported.

Cánovas, who heads the Mahasandhi Foundation, is accused of concocting the medicine, which he labeled “purified mercury”, in a bid to try and control his followers’ mind, police said.

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