March 4, 2024



Editor’s Opinion

What in the world is going on? 

I’ve had enough. I just finished reading an article about Simon Biles withdrawing from the Olympics, due to mental issues and her traumas of competing in strenuous conditions, and I’ve reached my tipping point. We are now going to embark on an endless discussion about repressed athletes and who is to blame. TV anchors will wear their hearts on their sleeves and scream about unfair division in the world and how they are personally affected and ‘repressed’. Books will be written, politicians will cry foul and on and on the madness will go. What about the rest of the world? What about OUR world right now? Aren’t we all traumatized? And why? What in the hell is going on? 

Our human lives are at a crucial impasse and it is time for all of us to grow the hell up and admit things that are very uncomfortable and far-fetched to admit. Nothing makes sense anymore, anywhere you look. But we make ourselves numb to the chaos around us, hoping those things will just go away. It’s too late for that. We’ve come too far to ignore the very twisted image of  the world we live in. One that is upside down, incomprehensible and full of holes that any two year old would question and spit out. 

We as human beings are being divided, pitted against one another for reasons that no longer hold water. Fundamental human needs and basic brotherly and sisterly respect have turned into demented, unwinnable board games. There is so much going on that most people cannot pull themselves out of the constant daily drumming of bi-partisan opinions, to be able to gather one natural thought.  A thought, a natural human thought. When was the last timer any one of us had the luxury of having one of those without being abused for having one? We are bombarded daily by media outlets that report on what our politicians think, what our so-called ‘scientists’ come up with as the latest fad in ‘keeping us safe’, what entertainers are wearing and eating, what self-prescribed authorities on genders have to say about our sexual origins, what color skin we shouldn’t like or not today, what our culture says about us, and on and on it goes, while most just accept this for face value and keep quiet.  We’ve been beaten down so badly that voicing our own thoughts on just about anything has become fodder for ridicule and threats of legal ramifications, in some cases.  Our absolute right to come together and discuss anything has been taken away from us and the worst part of all of this, is that a large group of human beings are saying they are alright with this because they fear the almost immediate repercussions from social media platforms, friends and even family members. A friend of mine said to me the other day that we have lost our right to debate anything, to speak up and have any kind of basic conversation.  But, why? How? 

Today, if anyone voices any opinion that goes just slightly in a different direction of what politicians, or individuals that have gained any kind of notoriety are saying, that person is labeled a radical. In French there is something called ‘libre arbitre’ – free will. Our individual free will is being challenged and I for one say: ‘no more’. I will no longer allow anyone to violate my right as a human being to express my free will, ever again. Enough is enough. 

 Chaos and distraction are the weapons of choice today, for those who gleefully present their ‘facts’ on looping reels of mind-numbing propaganda. The only way for any of us to regain any sense of normalcy is to listen to our gut and dare to live accordingly. Shutting out the constant noise of daily, manufactured upheavals is not an easy task, but it is certainly very possible and quite frankly, very necessary to our survival on this planet. We must now question everything that is shown to us and no longer be afraid to speak up, discuss, exchange ideas and come together to learn from one another, rather than fight and destroy each other and our planet. 

If you question the idea that the world is upside down right now and nothing that we are being told makes sense, just look around and pay attention. I mean REALLY pay attention.  

Our lives prior to November 2016 seemed relatively normal, right? Not so fast, have another look. During the four years that Obama was in office, we all thought everything was just great. His first order of business was signing an executive order to shut down Guantanamo Bay. That never happened. Then the first bill to be signed in was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act, that was supposed to challenge unequal pay and wage gaps between men and women.  This bill is so fraught with misleading and outright missing information, it begs to answer why it was originally introduced. (Lilly Ledbetter, Barack Obama and the famous ‘anonymous note’

 I won’t spend time outlining all of the discrepancies of his time in office, that would birth a novel, frankly, and that is not my goal here.   

Let’s start with COVID, shall we? The world is still debating where this virus came from and whether or not it was manufactured or naturally borne.  That doesn’t really matter anymore, since our lives have been turned upside down and it’s handling just keeps getting worse. Trump rushed the vaccine for the American people during his last days in office. He made that vaccine ‘optional’ and left the decision up to each individual. The Democrats screamed and hollered that they would never accept this ‘untested and rushed vaccine’. But now under Biden, that vaccine is not only being forced on us, a very real threat of civil war looms as the un-vaccinated fight for their rights to decide what goes into their bodies.  

 We were assured that this vaccine would protect us and that eventually herd immunity would win the day. Yet here we are, over one billion have been fully vaccinated and a new variant mysteriously appears. This non-FDA approved vaccination, that was supposed to eradicate COVID has failed. Now, we are told to get booster shots and hope for the best. How many experimental vaccines will it take before we realize what is actually going on here?… 

To be continued… 

 -Super Sleuth – July 29, 2021

After almost a month of more mind numbing information coming out of the so-called ‘White House’, (more like  ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’) we are no closer to isolating and identifying the Covid strain. Yet, we are now being  throttled with threats of widespread infections if we don’t get a booster shot and the foreboding promise of a new variant…Covid-22, if we don’t comply.  Anti-vaxxers are being attacked  and called ‘selfish’, all in the name of democracy. 

The planet’s weather is inexplicably hostile, talk of UFO’s is creeping into our mainstream media, crooked politicians are fighting recalls, masks that have been painfully debated for over a year are becoming a permanent fixture in all of our lives, well, except for politicians who want to have a party and not impose their own imbecilic rules on their own guests, and now the senile old man, that lives in a big White House in Washington DC, has decided to say ‘see ya’ to over 80 million dollars worth of high tech military equipment and thousands of US citizens in Afghanistan, without any kind of comprehensive plan. I’m exhausted just writing this. 

The international community is scratching its head in disbelief and the majority is still screaming ‘new normal’. What the…?