July 15, 2024



Exposing the Red Elites Behind China’s Uber (Part 1)

Epoch Times

July 19, 2021 Updated: July 19, 2021


China’s largest online ride-hailing platform, Didi Chuxing, was listed on the New York stock exchange at the end of June. Days later, a cybersecurity review followed along with the removal of all its apps, resulting in its share price plunging.

It was a massive reversal of fortunes which also resulted in the exposure of some red power elite interest groups behind China’s version of Uber.

“Didi is a vast platform supported by many heavyweight princelings of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and international capital giants,” Tang Jingyuan, a current affairs commentator for The Epoch Times, said in his July 5 program “Visionary Express.”

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