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Fossil remains reveals giant millipedes as long as cars roamed northern England

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By The Guardian
Tue, 21 Dec 2021 19:03 UTC

Largest ever specimen, a 2.7 metre-long creature known as Arthropleura, discovered by ‘fluke’ on UK beach

Giant millipedes as long as a car and weighing 50kg once hunted across northern England, experts have revealed, following the discovery of a 326m-year-old fossil.

The largest fossil of a giant millipede was found by a “fluke” on a Northumberland beach at Howick, after a section of cliff fell on to the shore.

In order to get so big, the creature, known as Arthropleura, must have found a nutrient-rich plant diet and may even have been a predator, feasting on other invertebrates or small amphibians.

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