March 25, 2023



Illegal Residents Can Now Vote In DC, Thanks To Chuck Schumer

The Federalist


By refusing to bring forward a bill from the municipal government of Washington, D.C., Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer effectively saw to it that “noncitizens” will be allowed to vote in elections in the nation’s capital city.

D.C. Bill 24.300, passed by the D.C. Council last year, lowers the qualifications to vote in municipal elections to just one month of residency in the District of Columbia, scrapping the previous U.S. citizenship or legal immigration status requirement. While the bill was overturned in the Republican-led House of Representatives in February — with 42 Democrats joining Republicans in voting to overturn it — Schumer let it die in the Senate. Per the U.S. Constitution, Congress has the authority to overturn laws passed in the District.

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