June 17, 2024



Inflation and the Price of Goods: What to Buy Now and What to Avoid

The Epoch Times

By Rachel Hartman

August 8, 2021 Updated: August 8, 2021


It may seem that everywhere you turn, costs are going up. Earlier this year, Chipotle raised its menu prices by about 4 percent. Food products were 2.4 percent more expensive in June 2021 than in June 2020. Used cars are creeping toward the typical tag of a new car, and rent prices are up 7.5 percent nationwide.

“We’re currently seeing price increases across the major segments that impact consumers’ wallets,” Henrique Aveiro, director of machine learning and AI at Insite AI, told The Epoch Times. Insite AI helps consumer goods manufacturers and brands with revenue cycle management and decision-making using artificial intelligence.

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