April 18, 2024



James Webb Telescope reveals a magnificent cluster of galaxies around a quasar within a massive black hole

Interesting Engineering

By Deena Theresa


A team at the Johns Hopkins University unearthed a remarkable finding from the data captured by the James Webb Space Telescope: a cluster of galaxies merging around a rare red quasar within a ‘monster’ black hole.

The extremely red quasar, known as the SDSSJ165202.64+172852.3, is among the “best candidates” for supermassive black holes, according to the team. They’re also hosted by massive galaxies. The high-redshift quasar was captured by the Near Infrared Spectrograph (NIRSpec) aboard the JWST. The finding is extraordinary – it offers an opportunity to study how billions of years ago galaxies merged to form the modern universe.

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