September 27, 2023



Mysterious Translucent UFO Over Illinois Town Sends Police On Search For Answers


September 16, 2023

Police in Prophetstown, Illinois, are trying to identify a mysterious UFO that was spotted by multiple witnesses this week, including the Chief of Police.

“I was off duty sitting at home and I got a phone call from a man we call ‘Rocky Ballard,’” said Prophetstown police chief Bruce Franks. “He works at Todd’s Tire and Auto, and he says ‘Hey, I see what looks like a balloon and it hasn’t moved in the past 20 minutes.’”

“Rocky says it’s right up there, and he points to it and sure enough, there it was — and it didn’t move forever,” Franks added.

“Looked like kind of a clear plastic balloon, and what it was doing, we have no idea,” said Officer Boyd Van Dellen.

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