April 15, 2024



Nancy Pelosi’s son embroiled in SIXTH FBI probe: Bribery investigation of San Francisco building permit official

SOTT – Sign Of The Times

By Josh Boswell
The Daily Mail
Sun, 30 Jan 2022 18:49 UTC

Nancy Pelosi’s son is embroiled in an FBI investigation into a San Francisco official who was allegedly bribed to turn a blind eye to a corrupt real estate plot.

Paul Pelosi Jr. and at least three of his associates were interviewed by agents in a five-year investigation that resulted in an indictment of a prolific building permit fixer for allegedly bribing a city official. The bribery scheme included an alleged plan to remove permit violations on a squalid flop house owned by Pelosi Jr.’s girlfriend.

Earlier this month a DailyMail.com investigation revealed Pelosi Jr., 53, has been linked to five previous federal probes. This ongoing criminal case is the sixth.

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