May 28, 2024



One in 2 million ‘spider twins’ have 3 legs, 4 arms and 1 penis

New York Post

By Ben Cost
Published May 15, 2024, 10:27 a.m. ET

These conjoined “spider” twins in Indonesia are connected at the pelvis in such a way that they possess three legs, four arms and one penis, a condition so rare that it affects just one in 2 million people.

While the anomalously attached siblings came into the world in 2018, the case was only just detailed recently in the American Journal of Case Reports.

The boys are ischiopagus-tripus conjoined twins, defined as those who are connected by the lower half of their body instead of the upper torso — which is the case with most conjoined twins. This subset of the birth defect is exceedingly rare.

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