December 8, 2023



Real-Life ‘Vampires’ Did Exist, And This Is What Happened To Them

Large building of the Palace of the Parliament also known as People's House (Casa Poporului) in Constitutiei Square (Piata Constitutiei) in Bucharest, Romania, East Europe, in snowy winter scenery.

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November 18, 2023

Most know vampires from pop culture and literature of the horror genre, and it’s safe to say that throughout the decades, the appearance, storytelling, and allure of the creature have been altered significantly. What started out as a monster living in a castle has turned into an immortal young adult love story as, somehow, the ancient evil that once surrounded these legends has turned vampires into modern-day heroes. Looking back, the evolution of all mythical creatures – werewolves, once known as Lycans, included – has been romanticized. Tales of the Lochness monster and other creatures (good and evil) have become a major part of global folklore.

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