April 20, 2024



See the moment when a woman wearing Ukraine’s flag colors strode up the stairs at Cannes and poured what looked like blood all over herself

Business Insider – India


MAY 22, 2023, 15:50 IST

A protestor clad in the colours of Ukraine’s flag turned heads at the Cannes Film Festival when she abruptly doused herself in what looked like two bags of blood.

The unnamed woman wore a bejeweled yellow and blue dress, and was seen striding up the red carpet stairs during an event for the film “Acide” on Sunday at Cannes. After scaling a few steps, she stopped, looked over at the cameras, then appeared to reach into the neckline of her dress and pull out two bags of red liquid that resembled blood.

She then held the two bags over her head and burst them, spraying herself with the liquid. She used her hands to smear it all over her face and torso.

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