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Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)….

A list of unexplainable deaths…the very few that are being reported:

Posted: June 23, 2022

By Supersleuth

Former Purdue basketball star Caleb Swanigan dead at 25


Baltimore Ravens Linebacker Jaylon Ferguson Dead At 26


Another young footballer dies following a heart attack


Former Miss Brazil Gleycy Correia dies after operation complications, coma


Autopsy on Twin Lakes High School football standout could take weeks


Irish community in mourning after ‘hugely popular’ young GAA starlet dies suddenly


Bayside High student-athlete dies after collapsing during conditioning


Fiancée of former The X Factor star died on their wedding day in tragic revelation


Heartbreak as young Irish woman who ‘went to gym and walked 10k steps every day’ dies in sleepDan Kubik, 22, former University at Buffalo and Orchard Park High School football player, dies


Shattered wife relives the horrific moment her fit husband, 35, dropped dead in front of her from a condition linked to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome – and shares the ONE test that could have saved him


and those not reported in the media…

-my best friend and other very close friend (real life) died the same week – all post booster (within 3 weeks). We’ve had quite a few others in our church pass post jab since last September. Look at all the young people passing just since yesterday in the news (athletes)


-My cousins cleaning lady’s daughter died suddenly last night. Yes she was vaxxed. It’s not normal all these young people are dying. No such thing as SADS. Now they’re going after babies and toddlers. Parents please do not vax your kids.


-Some very sad news today.. One of my daughter’s close friends has died of cardiac arrest. She was only 39 and has left her two young boys and her partner who she adored. She didn’t smoke and was fit. I knew her, she was lovely. So very sad.


-My friend’s sister died yesterday. Healthy kid in college 24 years old died on the soccer field. How does this keep happening to young healthy people? Are we not even allowed to ask questions? Because I’m starting to have many questions.