March 4, 2024



Supersizing an incompetent, unaccountable IRS

"Izmir, Turkey - June 12, 2012: Close up to IRS( Internal Revenue Service) website through a magnifying glass on the laptop. IRS is a United States government agency tasked with collecting yearly state and income tax from working residents and businesses."

The Washington Times

– – Monday, August 8, 2022

The reconciliation bill Democrats rushed through congress calls for $80 billion in new IRS funding so the agency can hire as many as 87,000 new agents and auditors. That quantity is enough to fill every seat in Washington’s Nationals Park twice.

Democrats are doubling the size of the IRS, with most of the new money going into its enforcement arm. The bill provides 14 times as much funding for “enforcement” — as in fishing expedition audits — than it does for “taxpayer services” such as answering the phone.

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