July 17, 2024



The Cotton Ceiling explained: How lesbians are being coerced into having sex by trans women


By Chris Sweeney – November 7, 2021


A trans woman is not a biological woman and, when it comes to sexual attraction, that’s a key difference for many lesbians. But there’s resentment towards those who speak out, along with reports of many being forced into sex.

Imagine the scene. Two women lock eyes and strike up a conversation. They swap numbers and arrange to go on a date. Each considers themself a lesbian and both are single. It’s a common occurrence, but what if one is biologically a man and hasn’t told the other?

That’s the territory of the Cotton Ceiling, a term created by trans porn actress Drew Deeaux, one that’s becoming more widely known due to the rise of trans activism. It refers to many lesbians’ stance of stating they are not attracted to a biological male, something many are being vilified for.

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