June 22, 2024



This may get me branded a domestic terrorist, too, but parents fighting to stop ‘boys in skirts’ using girls’ restrooms are right


October 27, 2021

The horrific rape of a 15-year-old in the girl’s bathroom in a Virginia school by a ‘gender-fluid’ male pupil exposes the dangers of our bowing down to the trans lobby. Putin’s right: We’re allowing monstrous things to happen.

I was not surprised that I didn’t have to wait long for validation from the US of Vladimir Putin’s criticism last week, in which he claimed Western society has devolved to “things that are simply monstrous… like when children are taught from an early age that a boy can easily become a girl and vice versa. In fact, they are indoctrinating them into the alleged choices that are supposedly available to everyone – removing parents from the equation and forcing the child to make decisions that can ruin their lives….”

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