May 28, 2024



U.S. weapons may have been used in ways “inconsistent” with international law in Gaza, U.S. assessment says

CBS News

By Olivia Gazis, Margaret Brennan, Camilla Schick

Updated on: May 10, 2024 / 11:00 PM EDT / CBS News

Secretary of State Antony Blinken delivered to Congress on Friday a highly anticipated report on the Israeli military’s operations in Gaza that accused Israeli forces of potentially violating international humanitarian law but did not formally find they had already done so, according to the document’s key findings.

The report states that though there are allegations that Israel violated international humanitarian law during the period covered by the report, Jan. 1, 2023 through late April of this year, the U.S. doesn’t have “complete information” on whether U.S. weapons were used in those actions. Its authors cite the difficulty of determining facts on the ground in an active war zone as well as Hamas’s use of civilian infrastructure for military purposes.

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