March 4, 2024



We’ve Found Hundreds Of These Weird Artifacts, And No One Knows What They Are


By Ryan Menezes

Poke around on the web, and you’ll keep hearing about “archaeological mysteries,” and we’ll be honest with you: These mysteries are usually pretty lame. The archaeologists put out a statement about having not determined the nature of some broken pot or rock, and then websites will blow this up as though it’s a crazy conundrum. Yeah, the object is unexplained, but that’s nowhere as surprising as the writers claim. Just because something’s unidentified doesn’t mean it’s inexplicable or weird.

Today, however, we’re not going to show you some boring shard. We’re going to show you the Roman dodecahedron. Look at the picture above. That’s … that’s something all right, isn’t it? But what is it? No one knows.

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