April 18, 2024



What do the 12 US cities with record murder rates all have in common?


By Robert Bridge

December 11, 202

A dozen US cities just broke records for annual homicides, a feat that should shake the political establishment to its very foundations. But because these cities are run by Democrats, the mainstream media has given them a pass.

A pandemic is tearing a path of pain and suffering across the American heartland, where the very bonds that hold communities together are being tested like never before. Yet this malignancy requires no microscope to witness. From Toledo, Ohio to Albuquerque, New Mexico, people are having their lives cut tragically short due to cold-blooded murders, oftentimes through the cold middleman of a firearm.

Twelve US cities just broke records this year for homicides, yet the bloody achievements carry a very distinctive footnote – they are all, without exception, run by Democrats.

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