October 4, 2023



Why is Russia launching a new module to the space station if it’s pulling out?



The Russian space corporation, Roscosmos, released photos on Monday showing the much-anticipated Nauka space station module enclosed in its payload fairing. This will be Russia’s first significant addition to the International Space Station in more than a decade, and it will provide the Russians with their first module dedicated primarily to research. “Nauka” means science in Russian.

This is a sizable module, including crew quarters, an airlock for scientific experiments, and much more. With a mass of about 24 metric tons, it is about 20 percent larger than the biggest Russian segment of the station, the Zvezda service module.

Read more…https://arstechnica.com/science/2021/06/decades-in-the-making-russias-nauka-module-to-finally-take-flight/


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