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Yale researchers detect ‘Remdesivir-resistant’ Covid mutation


November 13, 2021

Researchers have discovered what’s believed to be the first Covid-19 mutation resistant to the antiviral drug Remdesivir outside of the lab, according to a new preprint study.

In research published earlier this week ahead of peer review, scientists at Yale and the University of Washington School of Medicine said they found the mutation in a woman aged in her 70s, who was severely immunocompromised at the time she received Remdesivir due to cancer treatments. 

Though such mutations have been produced in vitro during lab studies, they “have not been reported” in a real-life setting previously, the researchers said, noting that the finding is “limited to a single case” and requires further confirmation, but nonetheless “suggests that Remdesivir can impart selective pressure” and drive the evolution of the virus in infected cells.

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