June 13, 2024



About Super Sleuth

Welcome to AndronETalksNews!

After doing research for Jessica for over a year now, I decided to share that work with you on a more extensive platform. I have worked with Jessica on more personal issues in the past and she has helped me to shift my life to a clearer, lighter and more balanced experience on this planet. My work with her has been very precious and it has allowed me to realize some amazing insights about myself, but more importantly, about humanity, our beautiful planet Earth and the Universe itself.

We wanted to create a place where current events, alternative news and disclosure information would be readily available to the public. We also wanted to allow the reader to make up his or her own mind about this information, instead of being led to a biased conclusion created and controlled by the publishing source. For far too long, the journalist’s objective oath has been deeply tarnished by an unnatural focus on presenters opinions and views, rather than providing raw and factual evidence. Some, if not many of the articles, are taken from these news agencies, therefore we apologize for any unwarranted opinions that could be found within these articles.

Some information may be considered to be too far fetched for some of you and we are never forcing anyone to agree or take a side on any content that may be too uncomfortable to process. However, allowing this information to come through for all to see, will allow humanity to exert their own individual and sovereign free will and come to an individual’s own personal conclusion. We should get back to discussing current events and not fight over who is right. Our individual freedom is far more important and very much at stake. The vested interest in capturing a higher volume of spectators always comes at a price. That price often divides and conquers this planet’s population into groups that unnaturally turn against one another other, for no other reason than adhering to a fear based allegiance that convinces us to collectively fit in with the masses.

We are all inter-connected and we have the right to our own independent opinions. This platform provides a place for us to inform ourselves on daily activities and freely choose what to think about them.

We hope you enjoy this site and let your minds open up and choose to think freely again!

“There’s nothing you can do but sleuth around until you find the answer.”  –Unknown

Super Sleuth