May 18, 2024



A Different Perspective on the Middle East Conflict

This latest round of conflicts in the middle east has most of us emotionally frazzled. Footage of horrendous massacres and senseless violence repeatedly cycled on media outlets, has many of us reaching for any kind of plausible answer to relieve our prominent disbelief.

We know how the mainstream media operates when promoting appalling images, to attract, retain and lock viewers into an unending cycle of hypnotic shock. We’ve been here before, many, many times, and we often get caught up in a script that renders us incapable of seeing the bigger picture. In order for us to discern a deeper level of understanding, we must refuse to allow our emotions to be paralyzed into a submissive fearful state and discard our ability to use critical thinking and find our way through this cacophony of information.

The unease in this region, also referred to as the Nakba by locals, was essentially created by the 1917 Balfour Declaration, which was basically a document created by the British government, including the Rothschild family, supporting the establishment of a ‘national home for the Jewish people’, in Palestine, which was a region of the Ottoman Empire at that time.  The Palestinians were not consulted or included in the many negotiations regarding their homeland. This declaration was a geopolitical move on behalf of the British in the 1800’s, to gain control and influence in this region and be used as a base to further decimate the Ottoman Empire.

As Jessica had mentioned in her last report about this region, the history of this area is a long and painful one. According to biblical history, Abraham was married to Sarah, and they were unable to conceive a child. Sarah chose to give her servant Hagar to her husband, according to their Jewish customs, so that she could have a child through Hagar. Sarah despised Hagar once she conceived her son, Ishmael. Sarah and Abraham later conceived their own son, Isaac. Hagar fled to the wilderness after Abraham had cast her out, where she raised her son on her own. Ishmael would go on to marry an Egyptian woman and continue his life amongst his Arabic people. These two brothers would go on to each create huge nations, based on their religions: the Jewish and Arab Nations. This story has been held on to over generations in the middle east and it has created a consuming fault line, between two factions from the same family.

Another area of contention is rooted in the unyielding beliefs both groups have about their rights to the Israel / Palestine land.  The Arabs believe that the land they have occupied for generations belongs to them, because they have occupied that land the longest and it should be protected and defended without mercy. The Jews believe this land to have been promised to them by God and it should be protected and defended by them, as well.

These unresolved historical injuries have plagued the middle east for so long, that outside forces have been able to take advantage of their vulnerabilities and wreak havoc largely unnoticed. We forget about the open wounds that these two nations carry. Outside political forces have never been able to penetrate their shells and broker any kind of peace agreement in that region. They must find their own peace, undisturbed and by providing them with politically neutral support.

The Balfour Declaration just added salt to a very deep injury. It did not take into consideration this long historical struggle and those involved in defining boundaries around this sacred land could never understand or respect the history and cultures they were disturbing.

The intended boundaries of Palestine as the newly established Jewish homeland were not specified by the declaration, nor were they meant to cover all of Palestine. The increase in immigration of Jews to Israel increased after both world wars, as a haven of protection for the Jews. The Jewish community began to split between those who saw Judaism as their religion and those who saw it as their ethnicity or nation. In today’s political theater, the Blue and White Alliance (much like the leftist US Democratic Party) represents those that consider Judaism as their religion and  the Likud Movement /Zionist (similar to the right wing US Republican Party)  are those that believe that their ethnicity or nation is a solid interlinking of Judaism and Israel, both are one in the same.

This national home for the Jewish people became a Jewish state on May 14, 1948, when David Ben-Gurion projected a message of ‘population transfer’, by declaring Israel as an independent state.

This is a simplified overview of the political history of this region. The story that is rarely told is the one that involves the very real human beings that lived harmoniously with one another for many years, before any of these political tugs of wars began.

The original Palestinian Jews were known as the Yishuv and they had never aspired to build a modern Jewish state in Palestine.

Muslim women cooperated respectfully with Jewish customs and allowed them to pump water before the Sabbath. Some would join in reciting Jewish prayers, and Arab parents would bring their children to Jewish schools to learn how they behaved and accepted them. Jews and Arab fell in love with one another other, and many resulted in mixed marriages. They co-existed peacefully, before the European influence began to infiltrate their oasis.

Unfortunately, the Arab nationalist movement and the supporters of the establishment of the Jewish State of Israel have been consistently resigned to continually struggle until one wins out. The fate of this part of the world rests upon the results of this struggle between two nations who represent two opposing principles, brought about through very differing European ideals.

The latest events are too easily explained away by the above geopolitical explanations shoved down our throats. There are other very important factors to take into consideration, ones that are not at the forefront of any mainstream media coverage.


Iran sits on one of the largest natural bounties on Earth: Natural resources – It has the world’s second largest gas reserve (17.8% of the world’s total reserve) – Number one is Russia; It has the world’s third largest gas production capability (behind Indonesia and Russia); It has the fourth largest oil reserve and is OPEC’s second largest exporter.

Iran has the best profile of resources to export, if it were free to do so, without any international sanctions. Natural gas is today’s key to the ‘green revolution’, because it is a transition energy source from fossil fuel to ‘clean energy’.

Huge investments in this type of ‘green transitional energy’ have been made by the Biden family, Blackrock, NATO and many others. These investments are focused on the LNG (Liquified natural Gas) market. Not many countries are capable of transporting LNG, since this gas must be frozen, liquified and then shipped. Iran has these capabilities, using the Caspian Sea to export the LNG out beyond their borders, as far as Europe.

Historically, Israel and Iran have been locked in a struggle for regional dominance of this precious resource. Iran sponsors groups like the Hezbollah and Hamas, supporting and protecting their land and the increasing dominance of Israel in that region. If Iran were to become financially profitable and the support for these groups intensified, the stability of Israel would be placed in great jeopardy. Israel wants to keep sanctions against Iran locked in place and not budge, so that the energy reserves that Iran sits on does not render them a military might, which could tactically overwhelm Israel.  Much like we just all witnessed a few days ago.

The US government agrees with this political ideology, but it also has a vested financial interest in an energy partnership with Iran, but it cannot admit this publicly, for fear of igniting political backlash from a very large US Jewish political presence.

The original way that the very powerful US foreign policy establishment wanted to accomplish this financial partnership with Iran, was through the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) or better known as the Iran Nuclear Deal. The ‘nuclear’ part was deceptive, but it reinforced the US government’s veil of diplomacy regarding this region. The Iran nuclear deal was never about de-escalating Iran’s production of nuclear weapons, but it was rather an energy deal negotiated through the easing of sanctions placed on it, to create partnerships with Iran, NATO and some other energy stakeholder countries.

This was opposed by several factions within the state of Israel, namely Benjamin Netanyahu’s  Likud Party. There are other opposing parties in Israel that the Biden machine supports out in the open and for political purposes, but it would greatly benefit from a different Israeli party at the helm.

The US government cannot divulge its true motivations for a partnership with Iran and Israel cannot abide by these agreements and place its military safety on the line.


In 2020, Iran signed a $400 billion trade agreement deal with China, also known as the 25-year Iran-China Agreement. Iran would export its energy to China, which it desperately needs, since it does not have many energy resources on its vast lands.

Hunter Biden has been found to be involved in massive partnerships with these Chinese energy companies. The CEFC is the largest Chinese energy company and it includes many Chinese intelligence agents as partners on these deals. If China is receiving revenues from the Iranian energy market and the Biden family is partnered with the Chinese energy firms that are included in the Iran-China deal, the Biden family and relevant NATO stakeholder partners have a huge, vested interest in de-stabilizing the Likud party in Israel.

Ukraine – Russia

In 2014, when the JCPOA or Iran Nuclear Arms Deal was being negotiated, international talks centered around  Gazprom, Russia’s largest state owned, multinational energy company. The talks focused on shifting the supply reliance away from the countries Gazprom had as clients and fit the extensive transit pipeline architecture that Ukraine had as a gateway to central and eastern Europe. Most of Europe was reliant upon Russian gas resources. This was all being discussed eight years before the Ukraine conflict ignited and as a backup if the Iran deal fell through, which it did.

On the other hand, if Iran could be ‘popped open’ and there could be western energy stakeholders benefiting from the resource transits, Iran could replace Russia as the majority exporter of this resource. One way to do this would be to use Azerbaijan as a transit area for this to happen. Azerbaijan’s US Chamber of Commerce is influenced by many US politicians, who sit on its board in the US. Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger, Brent Scowcroft, and Richard Armitrage, to name a few, all have and still sit on this board, to influence transit routes for energy deals made by the US government.

In 2021, Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan signed a gas swap deal to bypass the Russians and further strengthen Iran and de-stabilize Israel.  In the US, both sides of the economic spectrum have a clear financial interest in this as well.

Just recently, the Bidens and their associates have been found to have received excessive amounts of money from Chinese energy  companies and now we understand more the how’s and why’s.

US Department of Defense

Earlier this month, a high level Iranian spy ring was found to be operating within the US military. The DoD (Department of Defense) had an operative relationship with Iranian intelligence. This is nothing new, it’s been going on for quite some time now. Iran has also had issues with US CIA operatives infiltrating its own government and military. 

Fast forward to October 7th of this year where the Hamas infiltrated the most secure portion of the border between Israel and Gaza. Could these Iranian and US spies have been working together or against each to gain vital information to carry out this attack? Or was this all planned? All cards are on the table for all of us to decide.

Another important player disguising itself as a ‘George Soros non for profit’ type of establishment started to show its true intentions.  The Atlantic Council is an American think tank in the field of international affairs. It is listed as an NGO, but is heavily funded by the US government, which most probably influences its basic principles on foreign affairs and NATO.

The DoD funds the Atlantic Council from every branch (Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine branches), which is the biggest supporter of the JCPOA. This means that the DoD is a huge supporter of the Iran Nuclear Deal, but not for military reasons, rather for financial ones.

The Atlantic Council largest supporter is the Burisma Holding Company. It took in financial rewards while Hunter Biden sat on its board and his father was Vice President of the United States. This NGO think tank greatly benefits financially from a Ukrainian energy company, provides tactical advice to the US government on middle eastern foreign relations and is primarily funded by every branch of the DoD. That seems perfectly normal.

Internet Censorship

The best way to really understand where the wind is blowing in these situations is to look at the internet censorship leading indicators of how foreign policy establishments are influencing their main goals to the public.

For example, Google and Facebook have in the past prohibited para-military violence rhetoric on their networks and social media platforms, to continue to proliferate. Like AZOV in the Ukraine…As it became a geopolitically useful battering ram against the Russians, Facebook ‘de-hated’ them and promoted them all over its platform.

If the social media arms begin to remove any kind of censorship on past held violent groups (like the Hamas and violence in Gaza) that will be an indicator of the US state department’s influence on these tech companies. It will be a lead indicator of what’s about to happen on the world’s stage.  

Taking Sides and the Human Being as an Energy Resources

Most of us cannot help but to take a side when confronted with horrific images of violence and death. We usually side with the victims and focus our anger towards the clearly mapped out aggressor. This would be foolish to do in this case since there is so much heated debate and support for each side. If we can take a step back and understand what the more underlying and insidious goal is, we would understand that the disruptions of our emotional cores are in danger of being overrun, fractured, depleted and used to energize these agendas.

Our beautiful planet is extraordinarily bountiful and perfectly created to suit all our basic needs. We have allowed some very negative and hollow beings to dictate how we should live, whom we should love or hate and where we should focus our attention. We must choose for ourselves what we consider to be appropriate in our lives to live well and above all respect one another. Not consenting to a rule of law that has been put in place to divide us and create harm to one another should come naturally to all of us. We are the ultimate energy that is being harmed, manipulated, and used to further these hideous agendas. Without us, without our powerful consent and focus, they lose their bargaining chips and fall away.

Fear is the greatest propagator of the fracturing of our energy, and we willingly give it away when we get whisked into their intolerable mutiny of deception and lies. The chaos that they are creating needs fuel to survive. Let’s cut off that pipeline and let them wander around aimlessly until they give up.

I leave you with a story about a simple Chinese man that became a billionaire and the creator of the largest energy company in China, the CEFC, and how he lost it all to the Chinese government.

This man has disappeared, but the road he took was quite unusual. There is always a deck of cards ready to become a house of cards. Now let’s help to topple them over.

The rise and fall of a Belt and Road billionaire

-Super Sleuth