February 21, 2024



Biden’s Secret Flights Of Illegal Immigrants

AMAC – Association of Mature American Citizens

Posted on Monday, January 24, 2022

by AMAC, Parker Bono

While most Americans were either sleeping or celebrating Christmas and the new year, the Biden administration was busy facilitating the transport of thousands of non-citizens to cities and states across the U.S. The flights are still landing in states such as Pennsylvania and have been taking place under the Biden administration for nearly a year now, with the first reported flights occurring in April of 2021.

Moreover, if the secretive mass transit of illegal immigrants at the expense of American taxpayers is not bad enough, the non-citizens that are being transported on the Biden administration’s sponsored charter flights are almost exclusively unaccompanied children. Federal authorities utilize the flights to bring migrant children from areas near America’s southern border to either a sponsor, a family member, or a shelter in an array of different cities across the country.

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