March 29, 2023



Chief Rabbinate protests to Vatican over pope’s remarks on Torah

The Times of Israel

By TOI Staff – August 25, 2021

Rabbi Ratzon Arusi, the chairman of the Chief Rabbinate’s Commission for Dialogue with the Holy See, has expressed concern over recent remarks by Pope Francis about Jewish law.

Arusi sent a letter to the Vatican requesting the clarification of comments the pope made to a general audience earlier this month, Reuters reportedWednesday.

On August 11, Francis spoke at the Vatican about the first five books of the Bible, known in Hebrew as the Torah. The pope referenced the biblical story of God giving the Torah to the Jewish people: “God offered them the Torah, the Law, so they could understand his will and live in justice. We have to think that at that time, a Law like this was necessary, it was a tremendous gift that God gave his people.”

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