July 21, 2024



Chris Cuomo lampooned for tweeting ‘cringe’ image of his bicep bulging out of a CNN T-shirt: ‘Weird flex’

Fox News

By Brian Flood

June 28, 2021

CNN’s Chris Cuomo was lampooned on Monday after responding to a critic by tweeting an image of his flexed bicep that was labeled everything from “cringe” to “creepy.”

The scandal-plagued Cuomo spent a large part of the morning responding to feedback when an unverified account with only 12 followers made a comment that the “Cuomo Prime Time” host would break his arm pleasuring himself. Cuomo responded with an image of his flexed bicep bulging out of a CNN T-shirt. 

“That how this happened?! Hahahaha. Come on, baby, dont hate – facilitate. You can do better than this petty bs,” Cuomo wrote. 

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