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Disclosure on UFOs: The U.N. must discuss a protocol to welcome Extraterrestrials on Earth!

Opera News-Benzinga

June 24,2021

PRN NewswireLAS VEGAS, June 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — “The released UAP Task Force report is a great official addition to the thousands of UFO sightings reported around the world for the past decades, and even if the Pentagon isn’t acknowledging their extraterrestrial origins, it becomes impossible to ignore them,” said Daniel Turcotte—Raelian Guide and head of both The Embassy for Extraterrestrials Project1 and The Alliance for Extraterrestrial Diplomatic Contact2. “It is time for the U.N. to discuss a protocol to welcome the human beings who have patiently and peacefully showed their presence to the public for decades now,” he added. 

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