June 22, 2024



Editor’s Update

The Exception That Has Become The Rule…

There is a proverb: ‘The exception that proves the rule.”

This proverb has been used, quite often in the past, to justify something that seems to contradict a rule. But this proverb, or term, actually means that the exception, under certain parameters, proves that the rule works in all other circumstances. 

Confused yet? Well, I was, until I realized that this type of terminology is what is being used on the general population all day, every day from politicians, to hell bent crusaders defending their opinions/ causes, to media outlets afraid of speaking ill of their fellow posse. 

Basically, we are being confused and twisted into utter compliance through opaque terminology of very simple and crucial ideals.  This keep us unfocused and twitchy about very fundamental principles. Vital situations that are ordinarily very simply expressed and decisions that come naturally have become extraordinarily complicated. 

We are reduced to being seen as the village idiot that is pointed out and made fun of, yet ‘felt sorry for’, because we don’t ‘get the bigger picture’. 

It’s all an optical illusion really. These sometimes violent and very dishonest masses are creating disingenuous narratives, in order to support their own very personal unease in society. They don’t fit in, so we are being emotionally manipulated into acquiescing and surrendering our common sense for their cause to triumph.

When the lights turn back on and they see themselves standing naked with the emperor that thought was dressed with the finest livery, they will have lost much more than their reputations. 

The stakes are so high right now, that those going along with these false and very destructive narratives may not be able to find their way back to their own humanity. 

So let’s get back to these ‘exceptions’ that seem to have become the new ‘rules’ in our societies. Whether we like them or not…

Child Sexuality

Sexuality in general has always been a taboo subject among most people, unfortunately.  

As teenagers we maneuver through hormonal changes and emotional upheavals, by relying on friends and sometimes open and communicative parents, to help guide our way through confusing times. 

Friends were always there to fill in the gaps. We all had similar worries, but none of us thought surgery was the answer to disliking our physical appearance. 

Humor helped me to get through most of the weird moments in my life and I knew that my parents would always be there in times of crisis.