March 2, 2024



Enormous sinkhole tears open the ground as authorities probe what lurks underneath

Large sinkhole in a valley in the middle of the mountains in el Cielo, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Mirror Co UK

By Benedict Tetzlaff-DeasNews Reporter
  • 03:42, 2 Aug 2022

Startled authorities have begun investigating a huge sinkhole that mysteriously appeared near a copper mine.

Geology specialists in northern Chile have started inspections after the large hole, thought to measure around 25 metres (82 feet) in diameter, opened near theCanadian Lundin Mining site at Alcaparrosa over the weekend.

The sinkhole, which is about 200 metres (656 feet) deep, is located about 665 kilometres (413 miles) to the north of the nation’s capital Santiago.

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