February 9, 2023



Forget solar plants and windmills, Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman plans to put a solar power station in outer space that will beam power for Neom city 24 hours a day

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January 20, 2023

Go-getter Saudi Arabia is backing a power-packed, pun intended, the British plan to capture solar power in space and radiate it to Earth 24 hours a day. The pathbreaking project by UK-based Space Solar Ltd implicates positioning solar panels into Earth’s orbit and successfully converting electricity into high-frequency radio waves transmitted to the surface. A net-like antenna on Earth would receive this energy and convert the waves into electricity. The plan could effectively power the eco-conscious $1 trillion futuristic Neom City. With Space Solar Ltd working with Neom, towns, cities, sports, tourist destinations, and entertainment centers will function with the minimum carbon footprint.

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