April 20, 2024



German Thought Police Crack Down: 45 Men Raided for Hurting Feelings Online

Rear View Of Police Officer On City Street Against Police Car

Chris Wick News

By Chris Wick – March 11, 2024

In a bizarre twist of events, German law enforcement authorities have launched a crusade against online ‘feelings hurters’, raiding the homes of 45 men allegedly guilty of nothing more than using “misogynist” language on the internet.

The Blitzkrieg on Cyber Misogyny

Under the guise of ‘combating misogyny on the internet’, this crackdown unfolded just a day before International Women’s Day, as if to claim a virtuous stance against digital ‘oppressors’. The operation was meticulously orchestrated by Germany’s Central Office for Combating Cybercrime in Frankfurt, aided by the Federal Criminal Police Office, and a medley of state law enforcement agencies, as reported by the Associated Press.

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