July 18, 2024



Governor Dunleavy Issues Administrative Order Defending Alaska from Federal Government Overreach

Gov Alaska

The Office of Governor – Michael Dunleavy

November 2, 2021

Today, Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy took action against the efforts of President Joe Biden to undermine the sovereignty of the State of Alaska. The Governor issued Administrative Order No. 325, laying out the steps Alaska’s state government will take to protect its constitution and the rights of Alaskans from blatant federal overreach.

“The Biden Administration has imposed a long list of encroachments against the State of Alaska in attempts to control the health and welfare of Alaskans,” said Governor Dunleavy. “The recent actions or attempts are threatening the State’s sovereign authority under the 10th Amendment. We will not let the federal government usurp our power. We will fight against these threats, enforce Alaska’s sovereignty and protect the rights and freedoms of all Alaskans.”

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