June 14, 2024



‘He has blood on his hands’! NY Firefighters suspended for driving truck to lawmaker’s office over vaccine mandate


November 1, 2021

Six New York City firefighters have been suspended without pay after they drove their truck to a state Senator’s office to protest the city’s vaccine mandates. The mandates have been fiercely resisted by police and firefighters.

State Senator Zellnor Myrie told CBS News that firefighters from Ladder 113 in Brooklyn parked outside his office on Friday morning, as a vaccine mandate for city workers came into effect. The firefighters allegedly inquired about the whereabouts of Myrie himself, and told a staffer that the senator would have “blood on his hands” as a result of walkouts over the mandate, a phrase Myrie interpreted as a threat.

Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro suspended the firefighters for four weeks without pay, and called their protest “a highly inappropriate act.”

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