March 25, 2023



In a viral video, a Russian rapper shows off his $14,000 pet robot dog casually strutting down the streets of Moscow.

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January 31, 2022

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and the man continues to bestow that title on the dogs. If the fairer sex is busy splurging on diamonds, the men are contending by spending on robotic dogs instead. They get pet benefits along with glutting their video-game cravings. One man who has grown incredibly fond of his robotic pet is Russian rapper Alexey Konstantinovich Uzenyuk aka Eldzhey, or sayonara boy (on Instagram), based on his album name. The 27-year-old performer showed off Unitree’s robot dog, Striga, walking down the streets in several images and videos on his Instagram account. At first, it is difficult to decipher the robotic dog from a fragile breed to a fake-man-made one, with a leash and a near-perfect gait. Pet parents often dress their pups in ridiculous avatars, making them look alien-like. But that’s not the case with Eldzhey.

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