December 8, 2023



Islamic Rioters Hunt Police in France, Issue Death Threat: ‘We Are Muslims, We Have The Right to Kill You’ (Video)

Rair Foundation

By Amy Mek

July 1, 2023


Amidst the riots, over 500 police officers injured, even off-duty, as a harrowing video surfaces: an unconscious officer brutally beaten by Arab rioters, exposing the gravity of the ongoing violence.

Following the death of 17-year-old Naël [Nahel], a Muslim with a history of criminal offenses who almost ran over a police officer at a traffic stop, violent riots erupted in Nanterre. During a routine traffic control on June 27, a decorated former soldier with a decade-long career in the national police fatally shot the young man. Naël had gained a notorious reputation with 15 mentions in the criminal history file and five instances of refusal to comply since 2021. The tragic incident unfolded when he attempted to evade the police, ultimately leading to a confrontation that resulted in his demise.

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