April 20, 2024



Louisiana Senate unanimously passes bill rejecting the ‘overreaching hands of the WHO, UN, and WEF’

The Blaze – Media

MARCH 28, 2024

The Louisiana Senate unanimously passed a bill Tuesday that would bar the three leading globalist organizations from exerting power in and over the state.

Senate Bill 133 would specifically ensure that the World Health Organization, the United Nations, and the World Economic Forum “have no jurisdiction or power within the state of Louisiana.”

The proposed law authored by Republican state Sens. Valarie Hodges and Thomas A. Pressly and state Rep. Kathy Edmonston would further prohibit the state and all governmental entities in Louisiana from implementing or enforcing rules, regulations, fees, tax policies, or “mandate[s] of any kind” tied to the globalist triad.

State Sen. Hodges (District 13) told Blaze News that SB133 “comes after years of attempts to secure our state sovereignty from the overreaching hands of the WHO, U.N., and WEF.”

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