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Magic Or Engineering? Here’s Everything We Know About China’s New ‘Air Train’

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May 20, 2023

The top tourist destinations of the future are quite distinctive, ranging from the tallest building in Europe to the most extravagant underwater hotels. Many projects are nothing short of spectacular and have either already been completed, are in the process of being created, or are being planned for the upcoming years. Some futuristic tourist destinations appear to be straight out of a science fiction film. Futuristic attractions fans now have more reasons than ever to visit China because of a variety of beautiful outdoor attractions that have opened or undergone significant renovations, from cruises down the longest canal in the world to a post-earthquake fairyland. International tourists may now check out some of these well-liked new items that have been capturing the hearts of domestic travelers during the epidemic now that the government has reopened its borders to foreign travelers and resuming the issuance of tourist visas. Chinese innovation has no limit. With the help of electromagnets, China’s futuristic maglev trains can travel at great speeds across rails. The nation has now shown its first suspended maglev line made of permanent magnets, which engineers believe can keep a ‘Sky Train’ airborne even in the absence of a power source. Here is what to know about Sky Train.

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China’s new “sky train” floats under an elevated track, using magnets and AI