March 4, 2024



Massive explosion on the sun causes blackouts near Australia and Asia – as NOAA shows a 45% chance of radio disruptions in coming days

Plasma flash on the surface of a star.

Daily Mail News – Science


PUBLISHED: 16:29 EST, 6 February 2024 | UPDATED: 16:31 EST, 6 February 2024

An explosion on the sun released a massive plume of energized particles soaring 900,000mph through space that triggered blackouts in Australia and South Asia.

Reports surfaced Tuesday morning that noted ham radio operators and mariners had been disrupted around the two targets.

The long-duration flare was released Monday at 8:30pm ET and the solar storm reached our planet today shortly after 10am ET.

NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center shows there is a 45 percent chance of more communication disruptions in the coming days.

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