June 14, 2024



More Stupidity From Sacramento

Crescent City Times

By Samuel Strait – October 17, 2021


Not everyone, but many are aware of the backlog of goods coming into
California through the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. These two
ports represent 40% of the nation’s entire international flow of goods
into the United States.  After months of emptying shelves at retail
outlets with little to replace the merchandise our vacuous leader in the
White House finally realized he should do something, anything that made
it seem like he had any measure of problem solving in his empty head. 
His solution, requesting both ports to open up twenty four hours a day,
seven days a week. His belief upon learning that ships were queuing up
to be unloaded in large numbers allowed him to think that the port’s
unloading capacity was not met during normal opening hours.  One only
has to view the ports to realize that this was not the problem and
opening up 24/7 was not going to make any difference.

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