April 20, 2024



New Marvin Gaye music resurfaces in Belgium 40 years after his death: ‘as good’ as ‘Sexual Healing’

FOX Business

By Elizabeth Stanton

March 31, 2024

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the tragic death of Marvin Gaye, but as his legacy lives on, so may an opportunity to hear previously unreleased music from the singer.

According to the BBC, Gaye left a collection of stage costumes, notebooks, and audio tapes with Charles Dumolin, a Belgian musician who hosted Gaye at his home in Ostend in the early 1980s.

Belgian lawyer Alex Trappeniers, a business partner of the family, told the BBC “We can open a time capsule here and share the music of Marvin with the world. It’s very clear. He’s very present.”

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