March 4, 2024



New snake species discovered with bite so potent it can leave humans disabled

Mirror Co UK

By Benjamin LynchNews Reporter
  • 12:46, 28 Jul 2022
  • UPDATED12:53, 28 Jul 2022

Scientists in China have discovered a new species of snake with venom that has the potential to cause disability in humans if not treated in time. A study into the snake warned people to watch out for the pit viper.

Scientists have discovered a new species of snake with venom so strong it could leave people disabled.

The potentially debilitating pit viper, similar to the feared rattlesnake, was found by experts of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Jiuzhaigou national park when they were collecting snakes for a survey.

Dr Shengchao Shi was part of the team that looked into the new species and said the ‘Gloydius lateralis’ could be extremely dangerous to humans if they were ever bitten by one.

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