April 20, 2024



Real-life Dune sandworm full of ‘vampire’ teeth terrifies beachgoers after washing up in UK

Mirror UK

By Michael HavisJoe SmithNews Reporter
09:11, 29 Mar 2024

A horrific toothed worm the size of a two-year-old child has washed up on a British beach, sparking comparisons with the massive sand worms from the movie Dune.

The blood-sucking “vampire fish” with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth was found washed up on the beach near Exmouth Marina in Devon by Will Miles.

The 23-year-old was taking an after work stroll by the sea last week when he came across the bizarre creature. “”It was very noticeable, lying in the centre part of the beach near the tideline – I was on a walk after work,“ he said.

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