March 4, 2024



School Board Member Accused of Vowing to Be ‘Executioner for God’

The Daily Beast

By Zachary Petrizzo
Politics Reporter
Published Nov. 24, 2023 5:34PM EST

A local school board member in Tuolumne County—southeast of Sacramento, California—made a series of chilling threats that mentioned killing children, according to new court filings. The Modesto Bee reports that Jason Vassar, a 50-year-old elementary school board member, espoused racist comments and claimed to be the “Messiah.” The man, whom the local sheriff’s office has detained for a mental evaluation, according to the paper, now faces the Belleview Elementary School District board seeking to remove him over his online conduct. “I was kind of shocked to read in Revelations that I was going to be executioner for God and kill your children,” Vassar wrote in one post, according to The Bee.

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