April 15, 2024



“Terrified Of A Bud Light Situation”: Target Pulls Pride Month Products In Certain Stores Amid Boycott Calls

Zero hedge

By Tyler Durden – May 24, 2023

Update (1400 ET): Taking another page out of the Tranheuser Bush playbook, Target is already getting the blowback treatment, with the uber-woke socialist tabloid Business Insider reporting that after Target abruptly removed Pride month feature displays from dozens of stores in Southern states, has “frustrated and alienated” the company’s (handful of ) LGBTQ workers who “spoke anonymously for fear of professional consequences as they are not authorized to speak to the media, but Insider verified their identities and employment.”

One wonders how Target shareholders – who are vastly more numerous than the company’s handful of pride-flag clad employees – will feel when Target is Budlighted and feel the full impact of the conservative boycott, sending the company’s stock plunging.

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